I do product design and design management, cycling and electronic music. Berlin based, so yes, I love bretzels :)

Work experience

Building best US government UX for its citizens. More details later!

Responsible for designers' hiring, growth, performance, culture, and delivering good (but mostly bad) jokes!

Designed a SaaS product that helps consultancies to grow, automate and improve their business from proposal to deliverable sign-off.

Guess what is the first feedback from customers when they see our product? Right, easy to use, and intuitive interface!

Worked on the #1 journaling app.

No jokes, it was awarded by Apple and later acquired by Automattic, the company behind WordPress.

Helped team in creating journaling features, public website, and marketing materials.

Co-founded a digital agency with my friend and delivered a dozen of great projects for our clients.

I was wearing many hats at once being a sales manager, CEO, HR, project manager, and design lead.

Learned how to structure the agency business and have profits eventually (which was not true at the beginning)!

Created various award-winning projects together with a talented team of creative designers and engineers for international clients.

Worked on various web projects with a local digital agency on the intersection of front-end development and design.

Side projects

Creating a space for Berlin product designers to grow, connect, and have fun together. We now have over 649 members and we're still growing!

Got an awesome opportunity to become Awwwards Young Jury and participate in selecting the best web projects on the internet.